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Wood Print Embroidery Hoops

Wood Print Embroidery Hoops


The perfect decorative hoop for your embroidery projects! Hoops may all seem the same, but the quality varies depending on supplier/seller. These are guaranteed good quality as they are checked thoroughly before they are ready for sale.


The brown outer ring is made of rubber, while the inner ring is made of plastic. Stretch the rubber outer ring over the plastic to secure your fabric. These keep your fabric extremely taut because of the friction from the rubber ring! Do note however that the rectangular one keeps the fabric less taut than the other shapes.


You can also add fabric squares (cut nicely to fit your hoop) to save yourself the trouble of finding suitable fabric and cutting them into smaller pieces. Fabric squares are in beige! :)

You can pay by credit/debit card, or by Paynow (offline payment)! For orders within Singapore, I would appreciate it if you could pay by Paynow so I can save on transaction fees. Thank you! :)