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Stick & Stitch Embroidery Patterns - Floral

Stick & Stitch Embroidery Patterns - Floral


These magical water-soluble stick & stitch patterns are here to make embroidery easier for you. You can use them on t-shirts, sweaters, bags - the possibilities are endless!


All you have to do is:

1. Cut out your desired design

2. Peel off the backing from the design and paste it on any desired surface (they're sticky like stickers!)

3. Stitch over the design with any stitch and colours you want

4. Soak your embroidery in warm water and watch the design magically disappear, leaving just your embroidery on the surface (they're water soluble!)


Comes with a QR code that links you to detailed instructions and tips on how to use these sheets, and 4 videos of basic stitching techniques to help you.


Note: This is not a DIY kit, so it does not come with detailed step by step stitching instructions or any other embroidery materials.

For orders within Singapore, I would appreciate it if you could pay by offline paymet (Paynow) so I can save on transaction fees. Do leave your name in the notes/reference number portion, screenshot the transaction, and send the photo by DM to @isabellimdesigns on IG. Thank you! :)