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Silhouette Hoop

Silhouette Hoop

SKU: 0002

Silhouette hoops are a unique way to remember precious moments. They make great gifts for a special someone, a pair of newlyweds, or even your parents. These hoops are 6". They come nicely packed in a sturdy kraft box.


Price includes:

1x PDF digital design (use this as your phone wallpaper, print it out to frame, or anything you want)!

1x edit to the digital draft.

1x 6" embroidery hoop piece.


Please send your photo(s) to Apart from stating your preferences below, you can also email reference images for the border. Do put your order number as the subject field of the email. Do note that facial features will not be included in this hoop. Thus, a back view or side view would work best. Isabel will send you a sketch of the slihoulette before working on the item.

Isabel first creates a sketch of the portrait upon receiving the photo. She alters it until she is satisfied with the resemblance between the sketch and the photo. She then adds a border to the drawing according to the requests of the client. Finally, she sends the sketch to the client for approval. Once it is approved, she will trace the drawing on fabric, and start the stitching process (her favourite!). She then finishes the hoop, packs it nicely in a sturdy box, and sends it to the post office! :)