Ring Bearer Hoop

Ring Bearer Hoop

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A ring bearer hoop is a great way to present your rings on your wedding day. The rings will be tied to the ribbon on the hoop. It works just as well as the conventional ring bearer pillow! After the wedding, you can hang your hoop up in your new home as a reminder of your very special day. These are all made on a beige linen fabric.


If you prefer a different border, please send an email to isabellimdesigns@gmail.com, stating your preferences. Do include reference photos if possible. Isabel will get back to you with a sketch of the design before working on the item.


Isabel first sketches the design of the hoop according to the requests of the client. She then carefully selects the colours, ensuring that they go well together. Once the sketch is done, Isabel presents it to the client, hoping that they will like it! She then stitches the hoop upon the approval of the client. Finally, she adds the ribbon as a finishing touch, packs it nicely in a sturdy box, and sends it out for mailing! :)


Email me at isabellimdesigns@gmail.com

DM me @isabellimdesigns on instagram


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