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Foldable Pocket Thread Scissors

Foldable Pocket Thread Scissors


These scissors are very sharp, ideal for snipping thread and cutting or trimming fabric. The best part is that they are foldable, so you can fold them after use for safety and easy keeping. Great to just throw in your bag for projects on the go!


Do note that thread/fabric scissors should not be used to cut other materials as it will reduce its effectiveness in cutting thread/fabric. However, you can also use these scissors for other purposes (cutting paper/stickers etc) if you are not planning to use them on thread/fabric.


Size of scissors when unfolded: 10cm

Size of scissors when folded: 5.5cm

You can pay by credit/debit card, or by Paynow (offline payment)! For orders within Singapore, I would appreciate it if you could pay by Paynow so I can save on transaction fees. Thank you! :)