Embroidery Stitch-along Session (21 Nov)

Embroidery Stitch-along Session (21 Nov)


Stitch with Isabel as she teaches you how to create her popular embroidery designs! This month's design will be this bunny among wildflowers, as shown in the image above. You will learn the stitching techniques required for this design. Isabel will also suggest alternative stitches if you are not comfortable with the original techniques used.


*This is an online class*


 This class is suitable for you if:

- you already know embroidery, but are looking for guidance on new patterns. It will be helpful if you usually struggle with deciding what stitch to use in your projects.

- you are new to embroidery / a beginner looking for a more affordable class. Isabel will still give an introduction to the materials, so no worries if you have not tried embroidery.


Starting time: 8pm to 9/9.30pm SGT (depending on class)


You will get:

- PDF pattern of this bunny design

- Suggested stitches to use


Materials are not included. Feel free to purchase materials if you require. You should have a hoop, embroidery thread, needle, and fabric.


Note that this class is not as in-depth as Isabel's 3 hour workshops. This is similar to watching a live tutorial session, where you follow along as Isabel explains the various stitches. There will also be breaks in between for you to ask any questions if needed! If you have not tried embroidery and you are concerned that this class will be too brief, you can attend Isabel's 3 hour Intro to Floral Embroidery Workshop instead.