Embroidered Totebag

Embroidered Totebag

SKU: 0009

Carry your favourite verse or quote in your heart, and on your shoulder. Customised totebags are great gifts for yourself, or a loved one.


These totebags are 35cm x 40cm. You can choose to have the quote as the main theme with a floral border/matching elements, or an illustration as the main theme with the quote above/below.


Apart from stating your preferences below, you can also send reference images to isabellimdesigns@gmail.com. Do put your order number as the subject field of the email. Isabel will get back to you with a sketch of the design before working on the item.

Isabel first sketches the design according to the requests of the client. She then carefully selects the colours, ensuring that they go well together. Once the sketch is done, Isabel presents it to the client, hoping that they will like it! She then stitches the design on the totebag upon the approval of the client. Finally, she packs it nicely and sends it out for mailing! :)