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Embroidered Multi-purpose Pouch

Embroidered Multi-purpose Pouch

SKU: 0010

Pouches are one of Isabel's best sellers. These make great gifts as they are unique, but wallet-friendly. The process of making a pouch is long and meticulous as Isabel makes the entire pouch from scratch with embroidery and her sewing machine. 


These pouches are 8" x 6" in size. They are made with high quality canvas fabric, and YKK zips.


Isabel will decide the colour of the zip and the design of the inner-lining according to the design of the embroidery. You can state your preferred colour schemes for the embroidery below, and Isabel will decide the rest accordingly.


If you are interested a design that is not available in the options below, please email with details of your preferred design, quantity of pouches, and deadline for the pouches. Do note that orders are subjected to availability.

Isabel first sketches the design according to the requests of the client. Once the sketch is done, Isabel presents it to the client, hoping that they will like it! She then carefully selects the colours and designs of the inner-lining and zip, ensuring that they go well together. She then cuts all the fabric (2 for the pouch and 2 for inner-lining) according to the pouch size. Next, Isabel will stitch the design on one of the pouch fabric. Finally, she will put the pouch together with her sewing machine. She then packs it nicely and sends it out for mailing! :)