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Custom Embroidery Patterns

Custom Embroidery Patterns


If you want to embroider a gift for a friend but you have no idea what to stitch, this is perfect for you! :) Let me know the design you have in mind, the stitches you know, and I will design a pattern that is suitable for you.


Do be specific with the description of the design so that I can best create the pattern to suit your project. The more details the better! It'll be good to email inspiration photos to


Important notes!:

I do not do custom patterns for portraits, bouquets, and ultrasounds as they are too complicated!

I will also require for you to tag me and give credit for my design.

Patterns are meant for gifting only, and NOT for profit or resale.


You will get:

- A custom black and white traceable pattern according to your instructions and embroidery skill level.

- 1 free edit to the pattern if you want me to make some changes.

- Suggested stitches to use for the pattern.


Add ons:

- + $5 for a suggested colour scheme (coloured PDF).

- +$5 for any additional edit.


Pattern size guide:

4" - suitable for 4" hoops, pouches, t-shirts or clothes.

6" - suitable for 6" hoops and tote bags.

8" - suitable for 8" hoops and bigger projects.




For orders within Singapore, I would appreciate it if you could pay by offline paymet (Paynow) so I can save on transaction fees. Do leave your name in the notes/reference number portion, screenshot the transaction, and send the photo by DM to @isabellimdesigns on IG. Thank you! :)