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Custom embroidery for shoes

Custom embroidery for shoes


The perfect way to add a personal touch to your canvas shoes! :) If you would like to have your shoes embroidered, you can send your own shoes (mail or drop off) to Isabel, and she will embroider your desired design on them for you! Embroidery will typically be on both shoes, on the side that is facing out. More embroidery can be added to other areas at an additional cost.


Do note that the shoes have to be:

- Brand new

- Made of canvas


Please DM @isabellimdesigns to discuss the design first, as not all designs and shoes are compatible, and not all shoes are suitable for embroidery.

Out of Stock

You can pay by credit/debit card, or by Paynow (offline payment)! For orders within Singapore, I would appreciate it if you could pay by Paynow so I can save on transaction fees. Do leave your name in the notes/reference number portion, screenshot the transaction, and send the photo by DM to @isabellimdesigns on IG. Thank you! :)