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Combining instax Prints with Embroidery (IG live)


During the Covid-19 circuit breaker in Singapore (2020), Fujifilm SG approached me to ask if I could combine their instax prints with embroidery. I thus thought of a fun new way for people to display their instax prints. They can change the print on the hoop, and add their own words and designs to the hoop. 

I did a 1 hour IG live tutorial on Fujifilm SG's Instagram account to teach people how to recreate this forest design, and how to attach the instax print on to the fabric. The IG live was very well received. This idea even caught on the attention of international crafters. Eventually, many people started to display their instax prints this way.

I also did a giveaway for 2 of these instax embroidery hoops on Fujifilm SG's Instagram account! :)

instax Square SQ1 Launch (IG live)


Fujifilm then approached me a second time for the launch of their instax Square SQ1 camera. I was asked to create another design (night sky design in the right photo), and hold another IG live tutorial for my followers. I also helped to explain the different functions of this camera and how the prints are suitable for framing with embroidery.

These collaborations with Fujifilm were a great experience for me. I never did IG lives before these collaborations. They helped me become more comfortable with speaking to a large, live (albeit online) audience! 

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